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We are committed to helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals by Reaching New Heights! 

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Hi, I’m Paul. 

I’m a Certified Business Coach, Speaker, and Author.

My knowledge, expertise, and coaching abilities aid to the success of small business owners; from personal achievements to their professional development.


As it stands, my experience covers over three decades of guiding and coaching new business owners. My services provide support every step of the way; from business plan development to advanced-level coaching, I am committed to helping you develop strategies to achieve your goals. 





Get Ready to Take Action


Seize the Opportunity


Meaningful & Memorable


Inspire & Motivate


"Paul Moehring has been my good friend and business mentor for the past twenty plus years. He taught me ways to improve my business practices, as well as inspiring me to always try to improve. Paul helped me get back up in the bad times, and in the good times urged me to my best results."

Norman M.

"I've had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Paul Moehring for the last 5 years. I found him to be an excellent coach and motivator in helping me to grow my business, and enjoyed every meeting with him, because I never knew what to expect, but felt motivated afterwards."

Paul P.

"As a veteran in the insurance business, I've met and worked with many leaders in the sales industry.  I can attest Paul is one of the best at sales coaching.  His upbeat positive outlook on the tasks ahead helped keep me in a positive frame of mind.  He is a natural at the leadership and sales coaching role.  Paul Moehring is truly one of the best sales coaches I've worked with."

Nancy B.

"Paul has been instrumental in guiding me and providing coaching in all areas of my entrepreneurial journey.  He has helped make me accountable each year to create and track my business goals on a weekly and monthly basis. He has provided invaluable support in helping me implement systems that have grown my business. Paul is a key part of my success!!"

Michele M.

"I was a 53 year old career changer with a background in finance and administration and not a bit of sales experience.  With Paul’s training, guidance, and enthusiasm, I was able to build a highly profitable insurance agency in less than two years. I can’t thank him enough.  Paul showed me the way to a new career, which has sustained my family for over a decade."

Glenn G.

"Paul has been instrumental in helping me grow my business. He has helped me put the processes together that have helped me reach my goals in growth and income. He has been a great mentor and coach and would recommend using Paul to help you get your business where you want it go."

Scott R.



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