Remember when you or your kids were young? How many times were questions asked that began with “Why?” “Mommy, why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? Why do giraffes have such long necks? Why are firetrucks red? Why is Billy such a bully?” and the list goes on.

When we were learning and soaking everything up, we always had to know why? Then sometime later, we got away from that to some degree. Sometimes you’d feel silly asking why, but you were supposed to know more than that. Other times it was a submission to authority. Whatever caused our move away from asking why, other than the annoyance of our parents, made most of us become a lot less inquisitive and we use much less imagination.

Our “Why?” urge is still there…sometimes hidden deep inside of us. When called upon, we feed on it, rally behind it, do the extra reps, withstand the pain, and continue on against unbearable odds. We become a ‘SuperHero’ version of ourselves by tapping into that “Why?”

So, what about you? Have you spent any time asking the question “Why?” Have you defined any of your goals, strategies, plans, and actions? For instance, maybe your “Why?” is performing at your best, so that you can afford to pay for the education of your children. Maybe your “Why?” is to stay in your best shape so you have a better chance of being able to play catch with your grandchildren in the future. Or maybe your “Why?” is being able to provide to charities that matter to you or to leave a legacy for the next generation.

When you take your “Why?”, the cause or outcome that you’re really passionate about, and you transfer that passion to the vehicle that can get you there (your job, savings plan, or spending goals), you can really make great strides towards your goals. It’s like pouring kerosene on a campfire! By the way, don’t sub kerosene for lighter fluid unless you’re using a twenty-foot-long match. Just a little camping tip for you so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

Nevertheless, if you’re feeling stuck or you’re lacking motivation, give yourself some quiet time to really find your why…then transfer that passion to the vehicle that can get you there. You’ll perform better than you ever have and you’ll know precisely why that is.

In the meantime, if you need help finding your “Why?”, reach out to me, and let’s connect!


We’ll start by helping you Get Squared and then work to define your “Why?” and vision. In the meantime, why does the setting moon look so big to the naked eye and so much smaller when you try to take a picture? Hmmm…