Gone are the days of sitting idly by

Yeah, I know. Sounds like something that your grandparents would have said. The phrase sit idly by per Wiktionary means to remain close or stand aside while refraining from acting or intervening. It can have an extremely negative connotation if it’s referring to someone who refuses to act or intervene when someone is being wronged in some manner. The phrase can refer to your inability or lack of desire to take action in a quickly changing business environment. As a Business Coach, it seems like I’m adding another 4 – year degree of information to my repertoire. I don’t know, 6 months give or take. Continuous learning isn’t an option, but more like a prerequisite to starting in business in the first place.

When I’m working with a group as a speaker, this strikes up some fear and trepidation. It doesn’t have to be that way. With my leadership coaching clients, they have a constant voice in their ears reminding them of kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese business concept of continuous improvement. It’s not about getting to a certain level and then just shutting down the learning and ending participation in business coaching sessions. We all owe it to ourselves to continue to grow by attending leadership keynote speakers, or business keynote speakers, or spending time reading books and publications that can keep us sharp so that we don’t fall behind.

The bottom line, relevant is good, and irrelevant isn’t. If you need help holding you and your team accountable, bring in that business growth coach and find ways to work together to always keep the ball moving towards the goal. These principles and it’s right in the name of our business, ‘Reaching New Heights’. If you’re interested in finding out more and if working together would be a good fit, let’s jump on a call. Here’s a link to schedule a call. By the way, do it now! Don’t sit idly by!