There is just no denying it; our current days are unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It reminds me of choppy seas during an intense storm. I’ve never been caught in a storm out on the ocean, but from viral videos, there’s no denying its destruction.

You’ve heard of the calm before the storm, I’m sure. It’s a perfectly sunny day heading towards a beautiful sunset, there’s a cool ocean breeze and it’s the perfect temperature. Off in the distance, you spot a school of dolphins swimming, then a whale breaching and a few seagulls squawking as they look for handouts when suddenly, the winds change, the gray clouds roll in, and the squalls hits. Now, you’re following predetermined procedures and protocols to ensure your very survival. All the while, your large vessel is being tossed around like a bobber on a windy lake. With the cloud coverage dimming the light and now evening upon you, you’re heading in the general direction of the harbor and your safety when squinting through the treachery ahead, you notice the lighthouse, in other words, the beacon. How many captains and crew have seen that beacon and thought, ‘Yes, we’re going to make it through this storm!’ They’re not home safe yet, but they can see the beacon and know that their chances of making it are getting much better.

Are you a beacon? Do you instill hope and build the confidence of the people around you? If not, why not? And if not now, when do you see yourself doing so? Those 50-foot waves aren’t letting up anytime soon and we’re going to have to fight through the squall. But, if you make it a point to be a beacon to others, they’ll continue to perform the procedures and protocols that will help them to reach smoother waters without crashing into the jagged rocks, or worse, capsizing. You can do the same for those around you, and so do we.

With our coaching clients, our first strategy is to understand the storms each client may be facing, then through communication and understanding, we navigate each one to smoother waters. No matter the hardships, pitfalls, or struggles that may surface, we will find a positive alternative for growth.

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