Imagine your favorite baseball aouncer…”Well, it all comes down to this at-bat. They’re down by one, ruers on 2nd and 3rd and there are 2 outs. The batter is at full count with 3 balls and 2 strikes. Let’s see what he can do with this next pitch. The ball is on the way, looking good, and the batter watches the ball go by for strike 3? Game over! Wow, what was he thinking to just let that one go by?”

I love sports analogies and you’ve probably heard me say or read it in an article or my book, that sports are like life in fast motion. So many times, when you see a game play out with the ups, downs, disappointments, comebacks, triumphant victories, and heart-wrenching defeats, it correlates to life’s ups and downs. And what Charles Swindoll said is definitely true that “Life is 10{3ce9f21d6d38da293b542e919a27ba720b2edaad233ddae2c0101d5ede47a5d7} what happens to you and 90{3ce9f21d6d38da293b542e919a27ba720b2edaad233ddae2c0101d5ede47a5d7} how you react to it.” Or what Dale Carnegie said, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

But back to the baseball player, why didn’t he at least swing the bat you might ask. “C’mon, get the bat off of your shoulder” you might hear a fan yell in disgust. And how about you? Are you swinging the bat? Are you putting yourself out there? There are only a few things that can happen when you’re faced with this kind of situation in life. You either take a swing and miss, take a swing and hit it, or stand there and watch the ball, the opportunity, the sale, the chance to meet a new coection, just go right on by while you just stand or sit there idle.

If this is happening to you or to people on your team, it’s most likely a fear of failure. Right now, starting today, stop fearing failure, stop getting in your own way, get that bat off of your shoulder, and swing for the fences! One of the other speakers at an event that I just attended was Alex Shattuck and the title of his speech and a book that he published, is “Complacency Kills.” So don’t let it kill you! Swing the bat and remember, you’re not going to hit the ball every time just like major league players don’t. Step up, swing, then regroup and do it again. Play ball!

And if you need help with your swing, let’s jump on a quick call and see if there might be a fit for us to work together.