Many of you have seen a video or read the concept of water at 212 degrees. The concept points out that water is just hot at 211 degrees, but with that extra 1 degree of heat, water begins to boil and produce steam and power a locomotive. So, that extra 1 degree that takes water from 211 to 212 is the key to having enough power to move a train. Using that same concept, it can be said that the extra effort that you put into a project, your business, or your relationships, can pay big dividends. Do a search on YouTube and you’ll find a few examples of inspirational videos that point this out…those videos are a great meeting opener if you ever get the chance to use them.

There’s another part to boiling water that I’d like you to think about. Let’s say that you’ve got the water boiling on the stove so you can cook some pasta for your spaghetti and meatballs dinner. Hmmm…I haven’t had that for a while. Sounds good! What happens when you reduce the temperature on the stove? Well, obviously, the water stops boiling. It’s almost immediate, isn’t it? So just like you need to keep the stove temperature hot enough for the water to reach 212 degrees, you’ve got to continue to put in your extra effort to maintain your temperature. So what are some keys to help you stay boiling hot once you’re there?

  1. Team Members – Members of your team can stoke the fire and make sure that the temperature stays hot
  2. Communicate Your Vision and Goals – Does everyone around you know what you’re trying to accomplish? Help them see the bigger picture
  3. Hire a Coach – Could you imagine winning the Superbowl without a coach? For you and your operation to perform at the highest possible level, having a good coach is a necessity
  4. When you reach that new and higher level, it can Get Easier

Number #4 takes another minute to explain. I suppose that most people in the US know that water boils at 212, but even fewer realize that water boils at 212 when you’re at sea level and as your altitude increases, the temperature needed decreases. For instance, if you’re in Denver, the Mile High city, water will actually boil at around 200 degrees. The correlation that I’m making is that if your organization can raise its altitude to a new level, it won’t take as much effort to get your water to boil and push that locomotive down the tracks. So get it boiling, keep it hot, then level up to make the job go more smoothly with less effort. Get it? Got it? Well, that’s good!

If you need help finding a way to get your operation producing steam, reach out, and let’s jump on a quick call. You might be closer than you think.