Hundreds of thousands of books have been written about leadership…however, there isn’t a single book written on Lead-Yer-Ship. Not a single one! Now, I suppose the fact that I just made the term up just a few weeks ago might be a big reason for that. The fact that, to properly use the term, you’ve got to put on your best southern accent and speak it slowly and deliberately. Lead-yer-ship…And not everyone can do that. Some people have absolutely atrocious southern accents…it just doesn’t work. And you couldn’t possibly use the term, with a proper British accent now, could you? “Well, prime minister, I suppose that we’re talking about Lead-Yer-Ship” Nope, just doesn’t work. I must admit, I love to play with words. Developing keywords that remind me of my goals and establishing key thoughts for the year, have helped me and several of my clients meet and exceed their goals. But let’s talk about Lead-Yer-Ship.

As I mentioned earlier, hundreds of thousands of books have been written about leadership. The term is bounced around like a ping pong ball without any thought or recognition about its importance. Leaders don’t realize the important influence that strong leadership can play on directing the organization they oversee. I’ve worked for organizations that have had a strong leadership presence that made you want to go through a brick wall to achieve a goal and I’ve worked for organizations that haven’t had enough strong leaders which left them feeling anemic so to speak.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to Lead-Yer-Ship! Lead like everyone’s future was dependent on your contributions. Take that responsibility seriously and realize that every day lends an opportunity for you to lead! In reference to the ship, understanding that as the captain of the ship, you can’t do it all on your own. You need talented crew members who have been trained well and follow you as the leader. Also, be aware of the old saying, if your organization is sinking, the captain goes down with the ship!

Moving forward, just remember not to throw the leadership word out there casually in passing. Focus on Lead-Yer-Ship and set sail to reach new heights and discover new territory. Don’t forget, the speed of the leader is the speed of the pack. Invest in your development and the development of your team and you’ll outpace the competition by far!

If you need help developing your leadership and team, let’s jump on a call. Here’s a link to my calendar. Ahoy, Mateys!