I’m sure that you’re familiar with the 5 W’s. These are words that can be used in research, investigation, journalism, and in basic information gathering. Some take the 5 W’s and add an H as you can see in the list below.

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • (How)

These words can be very powerful in problem-solving and strategic planning, as well as Goal-Getting and building action plans for your goals. Let’s just say that I, personally, can’t pick a favorite on the list. The 5 W’s are like the fingers on a glove. I grew up in Minnesota and if I was going to go out in 20 degrees below zero weather and someone asked me, “Take off your glove. I’m going to cut off one of the fingers of that glove and then you can put it back on and head outside,” I wouldn’t know which one to pick. Bottom line is that these 5 W’s plus the H are vital to success. However, today, I’m going to focus on a very powerful word, “When“.

Why is “When” so powerful? Let’s give that some thought… “When” is a trigger for action for each one of us all day long. At the begiing of your day, you’re making plans and scheduling activities to maximize your effectiveness. You look at your watch or a clock several times a day making sure that you’re ruing on time and you don’t miss an appointment. You make an order at a grocery store or buy something online and you want to know “When” it will be ready or arrive at your door. “When” is a part of our lives all day every day. As part of our coaching meetings, we spend a lot of time talking about when they are going to start or re-engage in an activity or a task. We help them hold themselves and team members accountable by asking and expanding on the word “When“. Those 5 W’s and one H each have powerful implications, but that “When” really drives ACTION!

I like to think of “When” as an acronym.

  • Work
  • Hard
  • Execute
  • Now!

Be focused, driven, efficient, and successful at getting your most important revenue-generating activities started and finished Now! If you’ve got a creative and innovative idea, don’t wait. Ask yourself “When” and hold yourself accountable. Pay attention to this word over the next few days. If you’re like my clients, you’ll see what I’m talking about very quickly and you’ll find that you’ll get more done. Now get out there and Work–Hard and Execute–Now!

If you’d like help Getting Your Goals and performing at your very best, let’s jump on a call and see if there would be a good fit for us to work together!