Well, we’re halfway through the year. Earlier you had set your goals and then built the plans for you to get those goals. Are you on track? Have you completed some of your goals? Are you slightly off pace? Or, did you completely drop the ball and you’re worlds away? One of these questions is going to prompt a “yes” answer on each one of your goals. Let’s take some time to celebrate and recognize what’s going well and the goals you’ve accomplished.

Yes!! You deserve to try out your fist pump. Some of your goals will be just short of successful completion and we’re going to apply an old grocery store phrase to those goals; “Clean Up on Aisle 6.” No matter where you were in the grocery store, you could hear that phrase being announced over the PA system as it interrupted a cleaver version of an Elvis song played by an orchestra. I experienced it in the grocery store job I had when I was a sophomore in high school. Basically, that announcement meant that someone had dropped and broke an item, and it needed the attention of one of the grocery store employees to clean it up.

It was always assumed that it would be the grocery baggers who performed all the jobs that nobody else wanted to do. Any number of bag boys would chat between each other and decide whose turn it was to mop up the mess, and it better be right now! We want to apply that same attention to the goals that you are short on through 6 months which is why we refer to it as clean up on aisle 3, 6, or 9 because those months mark the completion of a quarter. If those goals are within reach, give them the proper focus and get them back on track as soon as you can this month. Quarterly goal benchmarks as well as the weekly and daily activity tracking, can be a great way to keep you on track as a “Goal Getter” instead of just a goal setter or worse yet, the person who is so tired of failing at achieving goals that they just stop trying. Here are some steps you can take.

  • Pull out your Goal Square…hopefully, it’s readily accessible! [Download: Get Squared Tools]
  • Evaluate your categories to make sure you don’t need to realign them
  • Line through goals that you’ve achieved. Congrats!
  • Clean up and finish those goals that are close
  • Make new plans for what is still on the goal square…and add goals as needed

You may want to start a whole new Goal Square to give yourself a fresh start. Keep your old copy to review your wins and struggles at the end of the year so you can learn and become more advanced as time goes on. You CAN and you WILL Succeed!

If you need help boosting your revenues and more importantly, your profits, let’s jump on a call and see if there’s a good fit.