I absolutely LOVE the BLUES! One of my favorite artists was B.B. King who left this earth in 2015 at the age of 89. Rumor has it that God needed B.B. for a new blues band he was putting together, and he couldn’t wait any longer. I had the pleasure of seeing B.B. King live in Phoenix and listening to Lucille (his guitar) sing and whine so soulfully that it just left you in awe. When I was in the gym this morning, I just wasn’t feeling it. I put my gym time on my schedule but while I was driving there and as I walked into the gym, I just wasn’t into it. What I knew would do it because it does most days, is my pump up play list or one of my other dozen playlists, but that didn’t get me going either. And then, randomly as I looked at my Amazon Music, account, I thought ‘How about the blues?’ Oh, yeah, how about the blues? Now you might be thinking to yourself, how can you get pumped up over someone singing the blues? I’m perplexed about that myself but it worked! And the first song I listened to was B.B. King’s “The Thrill Is Gone”. How apropos for me to use a song suggesting that the thrill was gone to get the thrill back! But, you go listen to that song and focus in on Lucille singing the blues, and you might crush your workout too! Whatever you’ve got to do to get you over the hump, barring booze and illicit drugs of course, do it! Because once I got into my second exercise, I had forgotten that I didn’t want to work out in the first place. And isn’t that the way it works? After you finish the 2nd mile on a 5 mile run, you’re experiencing that ruers’ high and you feel like you’re on a cushion of air? How about when you’re dreading to make those follow up calls for possible appointments or sales, after 5 to 10 calls you’re in your groove and knocking it out of the park! Once you get that boulder started down the hill it will pick up momentum and you’ll have a hard time stopping it.

When the thrill is gone for you, what can you do to help get the job done?

  • We’ve already covered this one, but listen to your favorite music and use it to get you in the groove
  • Call your accountability partner. The one who always puts the most positive spin on your circumstances and encourages you to keep your eye on the prize
  • Journal it. Write down how you’re feeling and why and use the activity that you are avoiding put you in a different state of mind
  • Keep your streak alive…whatever that streak may be…don’t let it die with yesterday’s effort. Keep the streak going!
  • Last but not least, take Action and Execute. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it 1000 times. Do the activity that you want to do least but you know will contribute greatly to your success. Without the word DO you can’t get anything DONE

By the way, my music journey during my workout ended on the Blues Brothers soundtrack featuring Cab Calloway singing “Miie the Moocher”. Poor Min, poor, Min, poor Min!

If you need help getting or staying in ‘the groove’ and producing the results you know you’re capable of, let’s jump on a call and see if there might be a fit.