All I can say to that quote is “Boy Howdy”! Which is a clean, non-expletive version of about 50 other phrases you could use right about now. I don’t particularly care for the phrase, but a business associate used to use it. Somewhat surprising that he wasn’t from Texas or someplace in the south where the phrase originated. Sorry to ramble, the author side of me is a bit of an etymology nerd.

Yeah, check out that big word. Don’t be embarrassed if you had to look it up. But, let’s get back to that quote by Overdahl.

“Better Days Lie in Wait” contains some depth that you might not notice at first glance. It might sound cliché like the phrase that’s been batted around excessively, “The Best is Yet to Come!” But it’s deeper than that if you think about it. Lying in wait suggests a situation where something is waiting for the right moment to attack or spring on you. I look at it in a more positive and action-oriented way. Those better days are lying in wait, but you’ve got to take the necessary actions to be able to capitalize on them. Don’t sit back and wait, take Action and Execute; you’ll be happy you did!

Here are some quick steps that you can take and it’s the perfect time of the year right now.

  • Reflect – Get away from your normal routine and take some time to reflect on your last year. What went well? What can you control that you’d like to make better?
  • Re-frame – What’s going to have to happen to make your next year better than your last and if realistic, your best year yet?
  • Redirect – Are you expending energy and resources in the right areas? It’s amazing what you’ll find when you really dig in here. Are you doing some activities just because you’ve always done them? Here’s a surprise for you, it happens a lot to countless people!
  • Reach out – Who are your go-to people? A mentor, spouse, business associate, key team member. Who can you go to who will help you solidify your findings and help you take action, be accountable, and stay the course?

Leadership can be stressful, fully engaging, it can take a lot of energy, and the decisions you make at the forks in the road can have vast consequences for the good or bad. Leadership can also be a lonely position and it helps to use wise counsel to solidify your action plans so you can move forward at full speed instead of tentatively and carefully plodding along.

If you need help with the “Reach Out” bullet point, let’s jump on a quick call and see if there is something we can do to work together.

Best of luck uncovering the treasures in the better days that lie in wait. But don’t wait, go get them!