This old phrase has its beginnings in the early 1800’s when it referred to a person in an uncontrollable mental state who needed to be restrained to keep them from injuring themselves or others. Even though today the phrase is more likely to be heard in the South, its meaning in a sentence is easily recognized as representing a person who is very frustrated and possibly about to lose their cool. For example, “When Jen got to the 3rd grocery store and found that they too were out of whole milk, she was fit to be tied!”

How about you? Have you ever been overly frustrated about your business or situations in your personal life that made you feel like you were fit to be tied? Does it seem that during those times that life just isn’t treating you fairly? Did you feel like you were getting a raw deal, and you were feeling fit to be tied? If you answered “Yes!” you’re not alone. If you answered “No!” then you may not be trying hard enough. Of course, I’m being facetious but let’s face the facts. Everyone has experienced pain, agony, defeat, and frustrations. Everyone has been in a position where quitting would be much easier than continuing. Most of us, from time to time, are indeed so frustrated that we too feel like we’re fit to be tied. But how can we keep our cool, bust through the frustration, and move forward and onto the next challenge at hand? Here are some quick keys that could help you get through a difficult patch:

  • Toughen Up! Success requires diligence, focus, and hard work. Frustration is a byproduct of breaking new ground
  • Focus on the Positive – Look for the silver lining in those clouds. I didn’t say be a Pollyanna, but you can conquer much more when you focus on what’s good in every situation
  • Give Yourself a Break. Let’s face it, life, business, goals, and growth are all challenging but rewarding. If you need to step away for a few minutes until your pulse comes down, do it!
  • Look through your Vision and Goals again so that you can Remind Yourself of Your “Why.” Because without the “Why” your dreams and goals die!

I wish you nothing but the best when you find yourself feeling like you’re fit to be tied. Hopefully, these tools can help you get back on track in short order so that you can again get back to focusing on your goals and plans.

In the meantime, if you’d like help in your business reach out and schedule a call to see if it might be a good fit for us to work together.