Most of the clients who we work with truly feel a sense of relief and excitement when they finally get their vision built, their plans balanced and in place, they’ve got measurements and key performance indicators mapped out for the next month, quarter, and year.

They say things like, “Oh man! Why didn’t I do this years ago? I’d be so far ahead today!” Once in a while we’ll hear, “Well, if such and such would have told me/taught me how to do this. He/she was a lousy trainer or mentor or boss.” Truth is, there are no awards ceremonies celebrating the “Best Plan Never Implemented”. Think about the Academy Awards. Nobody gets presented with an Oscar for the “Best Screenplay Never Used”. What about Billie Eilish? Yes, I must admit, I hadn’t heard of her before last year’s Grammys, but she only was awarded for songs that she actually recorded and got out to us. Zero awards for songs not sung or performed. You get the point, but you could be really good at getting all of the ‘stuff’ in place, which is important no doubt, but if you don’t ever do anything, well, it’s pretty obvious what your outcome will be.

The bottom line is this…there’s a simple grammar rule. Well, don’t look it up because I think I might have made it up. But I’ve said it so many times it feels like I learned it long ago. Here’s the rule, if you don’t DO anything, nothing gets DOne! The best advice that I can give you that will eliminate a lot of pitfalls we see out there, is to Conquer the X-Factor. And the X-Factor is eXecution. Best steps for setting up your days for eXecution? Check these out…

  • Plan your day in advance – Use the first 10 to 15 minutes of the day or make it the last thing you do the night before.
  • You need to be a Heat-Seeker – Focus on those items that are most vital and can turn up the heat the quickest on your marketing, sales, and business growth. Revenue producing activities are the key!
  • Recognize and realize that eXeution truly is the X-Factor and look back at the day you just completed. Evaluate, take your wins, adjust where necessary, and DO it again tomorrow!

The X-Factor to your ultimate success is going to show up in the Take Action and Execute roles of your organization. Go conquer your X-Factor and Get It DOne! Once you’ve stacked up 30 days of focusing on planning your day and your X-Factor, you’ll never stop.