It is a good common practice for us to make sure our cars are in good working condition before we leave on a trip. Obviously, the last thing we’d want to experience is a mechanical breakdown a few hours into our drive. You greatly reduce your chances of having any kind of failure by regularly servicing your vehicle. Regular oil changes, keeping the fluids topped off, inflating and rotating the tires, and of course, putting gas in the car.

If I’m completely boring you with car talk I’m on the right track. These things are so obvious that you could easily ignore this article and move on. But wait! Let me ask you a question… Are you taking care of yourself as well as you’re taking care of your car?

Huh, what? Pretty obvious when you think about it isn’t it? What are you doing to maintain yourself? When we got our first car we were told by someone we trusted, “Take good care of your investment and it will last a long time.” You remember that conversation, don’t you? Mine came from my dad, but he did remind me from time to time about following through on the vehicle’s upkeep. Sometimes we need to be reminded about taking care of ourselves.

Investing in our most valuable asset through education, exercise, as well as proper amounts of sleep, and taking time to rest and reflect, are some of the best investments that you can make for your future. Properly maintaining your tire pressure, which is an example from my “Get Squared” book, will help your machine, your body, and mind, to perform at its very best.

Here are some quick action steps that you can take to start making improvements daily.

  • “Get Squared” – Get the book from Amazon and set goals in the 4 quadrants of your life
  • A great first step towards investing in yourself is to Get Squared by setting goals in the 4 quadrants of your life. “Get Squared” is my new book, which is available online through Amazon.
  • Get a proper amount of rest every day
  • Limit screen time and distractions and instead read, listen to podcasts, and consume positive and uplifting content
  • Exercise and eat right – This is as obvious as putting gas in your car but so often ignored

Since planning your days and weeks in advance is so important, why doesn’t everybody do it? If you’re struggling with your game plan or you need help fitting it all in, consider getting a coach…we can help you with this!