Back in the 80’s, the Showtime LA Lakers dominated the NBA appearing in 8 championships and wiing 5. The last championship that they won in that decade was against the Detroit Pistons. Even though it was a strong bitter rivalry between the two teams, Magic Johnson and Pistons point guard Isiah Thomas had a great off-court relationship and their families got together often. But you couldn’t detect that level of friendship after the opening tip-off.

These two leaders went after each other for the entire 48 minutes of play and neither of them was going to let the other win. Off the court, they were like brothers while on the court they were bitter rivals fighting, biting, and scratching to win each game.

How do you stack up against your competition? Have you checked lately? Have you done a deep dive into your market and competitors to see if your offer is both relevant and competitive? Have you taken some time to answer the question ‘Why would someone do business with me?’ Or, ‘Why do I deserve to win this client?’ In the locker room before the game, would it surprise you to know that those same questions, with a slightly different twist, are asked or thought through? And what would their answers be? Hard work, setting goals, game plan, teamwork, paying the price, and ultimately, execution!

We help our coaching clients execute once they’ve laid all of their groundwork and done the prep work. The prettiest plan in the world isn’t worth a dime until somebody executes and takes action.

Oh, and one more thought and maybe the most important one. We’ve had a rough election cycle, a pandemic, and people have been hurt financially that has caused a ton of strain on families. Now that you’ve voted it’s time, regardless of win or lose, to remember that we live in the UNITED States of America and that we’re One Nation, under God.

We’d love to see if we can help you in your business so reach out and let’s jump on a call.