March was a challenging month as a result of the highly transmittable COVID-19 virus that we’ve been dealing with on an everyday basis. So many questions as health professionals and scientists try to get a grip on its spread and find ways to treat it. Never have I looked at people wearing scrubs quite the same way. Sure, they are always there when we need them for medical emergencies or helping our loved ones, but the dangers that they face every day to just show up and do their jobs is simply amazing. Thanks to all of our first responders, civil servants, and medical professionals for giving us hope for the future and for showing the world how important and special your commitment is to unselfishly care for people!

Most years, March Madness consists of the sounds of dribbling basketballs, screaming fans, comebacks, Cinderella stories, and nail-biting buzzer-beaters. Add in some beverages, buffalo wings, and some family and friends and you’ve got your Saturday’s schedule set to go. And I don’t know about you, but even if I didn’t see a particular game last year, I can’t quite get myself to sit down and watch one from a year or two ago no matter how exciting it was! Oh, well, you can’t blame the networks for trying.

So, if March Madness has got you going mad, here are a few things that clients of mine work on that really seem to help.

  1. Stay Positive!! If your 20 oz. glass has only got 2 oz. of water in it, still call it half full! Consciously and deliberately stay positive.
  2. Turn off any negative influences on staying positive. TV, radio, your friend that wants to fill your head with conspiracy theories and negative rhetoric…turn them all off. Don’t worry, if something is important for you to hear, you’ll hear about it.
  3. Take advantage of being outside if you can do it while maintaining social distancing. Take time to notice beautiful sunsets and other natural beauties.
  4. Connect with friends and loved ones by phone, video chats, online chats, and other creative ways to stay in touch.
  5. Work on yourself! Exercise at home, read, learn guitar, how about another language?
  6. If you’re an entrepreneur or business leader, work on reformatting your plans and vision moving forward. Innovate, reinvent, invest in your development.

COVID-19? ‘This too shall pass’ and when it does, come charging out of the tunnel, like a fired-up football team hitting the field for the first time after this is over! You CAN and You WILL!