Olympic level track athletes are some of the fittest amongst all sports participants. When you see them on the track, their leg muscles, upper body strength, and single-digit body fat percentages speak to the training and determination that helped them qualify to be in the Olympics. And the speed is unbelievable! I had the opportunity to see a sprinter named Norm McGee run the 55m indoors. When that starting gun went off, he was a full stride in front of the field in about a second. He made the rest of the sprinters look like they were in grade school, no offense to my track team sprinters from Moorhead State! Norm had the opportunity to compete in the Olympic trials but wasn’t able to make the team. But these are narrow margins. Norm’s record for the 100m is 10.22 and the bronze medalist in 1988 ran it in 9.99. That’s a difference of .23 seconds. It takes us on average, .1 to .4 seconds to blink!

So, what does it take to be elite in your field? I’ve read and studied hundreds of top-class performers in athletics and business and there are a few processes that you can add to your game right now that can help you perform at your best.

1. Preparation – You know the drill. If you have no idea where you’re going how do you expect to get anywhere? Take some quiet time and write down exactly what you want to accomplish.

2. Plaing – Once you know where you’re going, you need to make a plan on how to get there. Now is the perfect time of the year to get those plans in place that will give you the best opportunity to succeed.

3. Take Action and Execute – Yes it still involves putting in the work. Like I say if you don’t DO something nothing gets DONE. Without the DO all you’ve got is the NE which is short for NE way the wind takes you. Take Action and Execute.

4. Seek good counsel – Have you ever worked with a coach? A good Business Coach can help you focus on the best course of action and keep an eye out for roadblocks you might face around the next curve. If you’d like to learn more, let’s jump on a quick call and see if there might be a fit.

Take some time through the holiday season to go through these steps and you’ll set the stage for an awesome 2021. If you’re not performing at your best, why not? What barriers are holding you back? Where could you be if you took the steps above and applied them to your business and your life?

I challenge you to give it a shot, and if you’d like help, reach out to us to see what coaching can do for your business.