Every year we come up with a theme that we’ll use as we start navigating the climb up the mountain so to speak. I’m sure several of you are aware of this process. Some of my clients will choose a single word, others will rally behind a company theme that has been introduced.

As we worked to develop our theme this year, we submitted our final choices to a group of trusted creative-minded people who are always helpful with their input and advice. To our surprise, those creative minds all agreed independently on the same theme. This was not my first choice…which is exactly why I seek the counsel of wise people! So, without further ado, our theme, our motto, our call to arms, our war-whoop, (why yes, I did use thesaurus.com) is…

Ready, Set, Success!!!

I guess the title of this article may have spoiled the surprise. Nevertheless, as I had mentioned earlier, this was not my first choice. I was emotionally attached to “Paul, You Are Such a Stud” and “#1 Greatest Coach”! Ok, obviously those were not on our list but Ready, Set, Success! was not my first choice. But now that we’ve decided on it and built the graphic that you see accompanying this blog, I love it. Let me explain the essence of the theme.

Before you take on any significant undertaking, you need to get yourself Ready. We all know that being prepared is essential in boosting your chances to accomplish anything. Getting Set as the next step requires that everyone on the team is on board, understands their role, and is poised and ready to move forward with confidence, enthusiasm, and determination. It makes you think of old war movies. For me, the first one that comes to mind is Braveheart with soldiers lined up on either end of the battlefield before they are called on to charge. Or the scene in “Saving Private Ryan” where our brave World War II soldiers were landing on Omaha beach risking it all for our country. I’m always amazed by our military men and women and what they’ve done to ensure our futures. Go watch the first 20 minutes of “Saving Private Ryan” again, you’ll remember what I mean. Back to our theme.

What about Success? Ready, Set, Go would be the natural progression but why the change? Well, our ultimate goal, your ultimate goal, everybody’s ultimate goal is success defined through the lens of the individual attempting to achieve it. We all want to be successful, that’s a given. But I’ve always understood and experienced, that as soon as you set your mind to something, you commit to it, you declare that you’re going to achieve it, your ability and likelihood to complete the feat are greatly enhanced by your commitment to envision its completion. Imagine with as many senses as possible, what it will feel like to achieve your mission and your likelihood of achieving it greatly increases.

Ready, Set, Success recognizes that the first committed step that you take towards what you want to accomplish is the most difficult. After that first step, it’s about putting one foot in front of the other. When you take that first step, you might as well consider your goal achieved. Sure, you’ve got a lot of heavy lifting to do between now and completion but that first step is the most important.

Good luck as you strive for success in your organization. If you’d like help with clarity, vision, accountability, and or balance, let’s jump on a quick call and see if we can help you further.