What? It’s 2021 and your vocabulary has shrunk to that of a preschooler? To that, I say, “Yes it has!” But there’s a reason for it. Let me explain it to you.

It’s goal-setting season. Tons of people have set their New Year’s resolutions, which, by the way, have been forgotten by the majority. Corporate goal-setting sessions occurred within the past 60 days with kickoff plans already underway. Too many times those goals are so outlandish that you just do your best acting job to pretend that you’re backing them. And then there’s your to-do list. Screaming at you to focus and pay attention to what needs to get done and when. Wow, I’m getting stressed just thinking about it!

There’s something else you should try. We call it a “Did It” list. We use an online shared document file and as our team members get things done, they type in their initials and the activity that was completed. It becomes a friendly competition to see how many activities your team can complete in a week and you can also recognize your top “Did It” list contributors if you want to fuel the competitive flames.

If you’re going to do this, I would suggest a 3-week commitment, and each week, strive to get more done than the previous. At the end of that time period, you’ll be amazed at what was accomplished and you’ll have set your team up for long-term success with a focus on getting tasks completed.

This works best for small and medium-sized organizations for obvious reasons so if you’re part of a larger organization, break it down to the department level and it will work great. For tracking, a spreadsheet works best with the headings of Task #, Initials (or name), and Task Completed. That’s it so give it a try and let us know how it works for you.

By the way, if you’d like to find out what individual or group coaching can do for you in your business, reach out, and let’s jump on a quick call. The biggest reason that I’m a coach is that I reached out to my first coach several years ago and the effects are still helping me in my business today.