I don’t think I’ve ever had an entrepreneur or salesperson tell me that they seem to get ‘too many’ referrals. Referrals are much more likely to convert to customers! So, if the leads close at a higher percentage and everybody likes to get them… How many people have a referral system implemented in their business?

I’m hearing crickets! Now, it’s not exactly crickets that I’m hearing because some people have effective referral systems, but the bottom line is that most entrepreneurs and salespeople don’t have a system that they execute flawlessly and consistently in their businesses.

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Oh, and the title of this post referring to “The Magic of Who”, what’s that about?

The first question you must ask yourself is: Who should give you referrals? With very few exceptions, and you know who those exceptions are, by the way. Whatever scripting or verbiage you use, make sure you ask your clients “Who” they know instead of “If” they know. I know that seems small, but oftentimes, these small components can make a BIG difference. Make sure that you and your team ask “who” they know instead of “if” they know, and good luck!