The well-seasoned and proven adage, “People do business with people they know, like, and trust” is still true today. In fact, it may be more prevalent right now than at any time in our recent past. But why? Some organizations have been completely shut down, obviously due to the COVID crisis, because they are incapable of producing revenue in the way that they produced it before the shutdown. What’s more, even though a small percentage of businesses are really doing well right now, this advice will work for them too. Let‘s uncover the “Why?”

Throughout our lives we remember particular events very well. Those events usually involve an emotional high or an emotional low due to a catastrophe. Hence, people recall exactly what they were doing on 9-11, and other positive happenings like the birth of a child. Often, there are individuals who were with you during those times who assisted you or grieved with you that you’re forever grateful to. On the other hand, if someone who you expected to come through didn’t, it had the exact opposite effect, and they have lost your trust and dealings.

So whether your business is doing well, or it has come to a screeching halt, the key to building your client base during these challenging times is to be known, liked, and trusted. One word covers all three of those terms, and that word is RELATIONSHIP. Be innovative, be creative, offer yourself and your services, and care for the people around you who might need you right now.

If and when you do, you’ll be building and strengthening a relationship that could last well into the future. Those people will remember you and their story to others will be a referral generation machine. It might sound something like this model, “I’ve done business with XYZ ever since we had the COVID crisis because during that time, they did ABC for me and they really didn’t need to, but man, the timing couldn’t have been better!” We should always be working to strengthen our relationships but when the chips are down, the impact could Reach New Heights!

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