I cannot argue with you. You’ve absolutely got it right. We have never seen anything like this in our lifetimes. And to have any recollection of the last one with this kind of magnitude, you would have to be about 107 years old right now. When the 1918 Flu Pandemic hit, it was responsible for the eventual death of approximately 50 million people and infected 500 million.

Several of my clients have gotten into discussions with me about COVID-19 and they’re confused, in disbelief, and perplexed as to what’s happening to us right now. And no, we’ve never faced anything like this before but navigating through difficult times, no matter how complex, requires a few key elements. Given our current circumstances, here’s what our discussions have centered around.

  1. First and most importantly, make sure that the ones that you love know that you care. Make a point to not let those opportunities pass you by!
  2. Take time to pray for our world, our health professionals, our leaders, our at-risk population, and an expedient end to this crisis.
  3. As it relates to your business, innovate, reinvent, provide what you can, and do it with everything you’ve got. What do people need right now that you can provide them with and make a difference? Do that…now! Success stories will be built out of these trying times!
  4. Invest in your own development. If there’s not enough work to keep you busy, it’s a great time to build a better you!
  5. Last but certainly not least, let the medical professionals, first responders, police officers, and civil servants know how much you appreciate what they’re doing. Their efforts are far beyond what we’re even capable of imagining. They are truly special people.

But just like that vertical climb in the picture; you’re capable of a lot more that you’d give yourself credit for and when you get to the top, the view is going to be unbelievable! Let’s jump on a call if you’d like to discover what coaching can do for you especially during these trying times.

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