Have you ever stopped to think about it? Life is all about tempo. Seriously, take a minute and think about it. The tempo of a golf swing, the tempo of a team on a court, the tempo of a speech or a poem or a song. Tempo is woven into our mojo, our being, our flow. Sure, there are different terms that come into play like rhythm, cadence, and beat, but they all suggest the same conclusion. When you’ve got it, things seem to go significantly smoother on your way to an outcome.

This article was inspired by one of my golf buddies whose name is Peterson. He was warming up on the driving range and he had just hit a shot with his three wood. It was a smooth swing and I told him, “Nice tempo” to which he responded with the title of this article, “Life is all about tempo…” I was struck by the simplistic truth of that statement and asked him if I could feature the phrase in my blog the following week. He replied with something close to, “Sure, but don’t forget your source!” So, there you have it, Mr. Peterson. I loved your phrase, referenced you in the article, and you made me think about my tempo and I shot my best round this year! You weren’t far behind your best either. He later mentioned that tempo in life and in business is about being consistent and it influences how we navigate and react to situations.

What scenarios can you think of where tempo was key? A musical, a sporting event, your favorite band or performer, a manufacturing production plant, or your daily business systems. Ask any drummer or other member of the percussion section and they will tell you that tempo isn’t only key but it’s king!

If you need help finding your tempo, your groove, your rhythm, let’s jump on a call. We help entrepreneurs and business leaders perform at their very best!